Cloisonne Bangles – Flower Design Available in 8 Colors – – Fits up to Wrist Size 7



These brightly colored bangles have sweet little flowers sprinkled all over them.   Bangles are Cloisonne – which is enamel painted over copper.  The enamel will never chip.  Bangles fit up to wrist size 7.  They are  just under  1/2″  wide and have a spring-hinge clasp.  Choose from Aqua Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Mint Green, Periwinkle, Pink or White.  We carry many cloisonne bangles in all sorts of  colors and designs making it fun to Stack and Mix-n-Match them.

Aqua Blue Blue, Light Blue, Blue, and Dark Blue bangles have flowers detailed in red/gold

Periwinkle bangle has flowers detailed in pink/gold

Pink bangle has flowers detailed in white/gold

Mint Green bangle has flowers detailed in darker mint green and gold

White bangle has flowers detailed in dark pink/gold

Item Numbers:  CB001AQ, CB002BL, CB003DBL, CB008LI, CB009PK, CB010W, CB011MG, CB021LTB

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Aqua, Blue, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Mint Green, Lilac, Pink, White