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The Tin Cup

Why is this style necklace called a “Tin Cup”?

It started being called a “Tin Cup” after the movie Tin Cup. This romantic-comedy movie came out in 1966 starring Kevin Costner and Rene Russo. Rene Russo wore this style necklace throughout the movie, thus giving it the new name of “Tin Cup”.

Today the necklace is also called “Station Necklace” and/or “Floating Necklace”. It is considered to be the most popular way to wear pearls!

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Rice Pearl Beauties

I know I’ve written about these open-style, 3-Strand Rice Pearl necklaces before; but I just had to write about them again because we now got them in fall colors. AND since Fall is upon us, please take another look at these beauties. They are so vert

First of all, they are so versatile and can be worn in several styles: Looped, Knotted, Wrapped; take 1 or 2 strands and loop, knot or wrap them. That’s 9 styles right there. Now add in that they can be worn casually or dressy. Picture then on a sweater with jeans, or maybe with a turtleneck and jacket, dressy slacks with cashmere sweater; a dress; Or down your back with that sexy backless number. Below are pictures of them in their fall colors. Click on this link to go directly to their page and view more pics.

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Shades of Blue Long Strand Necklace

There is just so much more to be said about this necklace that it deserves a whole page!

First of all the necklace is strung with cultured, pearls in different sizes and shapes — all in the shades of pastel blue; along with faceted blue and turquoise crystals and quartz in the shape of hearts, also in a turquoise shade.

This is a very versatile necklace. It can be worn in several styles AND can be dressy or casual.

  1. Wear it knotted by taking the single strand, place around neck and tie in knot:

2. Take the single strand and wrap entirely around your neck so there is a strand of necklace hanging down on each side of your body:

3. Taking the single strand, wrap aroud neck 2 or 3 times, creating a choker look:

4. Double the strand, wrap around neck and pull the strands through the loop.

5. Wrap around your waist and wear as a belt!!!


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Sea Side Wrap

Sea Side Wrap Bracelet

If you love the roar of the ocean and the sensual feel of sand in your toes, than you will salivate over this gorgeous sea side wrap bracelet!  Close your eyes and imagine you are in the Hamptons or in an ocean side restaurant in Cape Cod.  Visualize Moroccan pottery with 3D images of flowers and sea turtles.  This beautiful bracelet will transport you to all these places and images.   The vibrant colors and hand painted beads will soothe your spirit and take your mind to a beautiful place.

The beads are the infamous Fenton Artistry Glass Beads, which are hand glass-blown and hand painted. The beads in the Sea Side Wrap have an additional bonus of being 3D!!! Each bead sports four 3-D figures……the LARGE bead a swimming crab, octopus, starfish and sea turtle; the SMALLER bead has a crab, octopus, starfish and dolphin. All so cute, you just want to keep looking at them!!

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Whimsical Daisy Ankle Bracelets

If fresh and whimsical is your daily vibe, than this dainty and delicate ankle bracelet will bring tears of joy!  It comes in luscious lilac, buttercup yellow and lily white.  You can accent your daisies with a sliver of silver or add the richness of gold!    This oh so sweet ankle bracelet projects youthful exuberance!  It’s flirty, fun and screams NOTICE ME!!!

Aren’t they just adorable? So perfect for Spring and Summer. When I learned that our supplier made a daisy out of beads, I knew that I just had to design some in a few colors and styles and offer them to our clients. The design doesn’t just come in the Ankle Bracelet, they come in Necklaces and Bracelets too. Buy all three and have a matching set!

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Peridot and Rose Quartz Necklace

Periodot with Rose Quartz Pendant

It’s Almost August. So, today we are going to talk about Peridot — the August birthstone.

Imagine for a moment a slice of key lime pie topped with a decadent sauce. This marriage of festive colors can be yours with this spectacular rose quartz pendant hanging from 2 strands of peridot nuggets. This necklace is for the girl who wants to be noticed in a crowd. It’s flirtatious and fun and for the gal who loves compliments.

The perfect gift for the August Birthday Girl!! We brought a new twist to the peridot stone by making a strand of periodt nuggets, as opposed to just placing a stone in a setting or on a chain. We strung a long strand of periodot nuggets, doubled it , then added a “pretty-in-pink” rose quartz stone pendant. Truly a one-of-a-kind piece! 

Another really pretty advantage to this necklace is the Rose Quartz pendant.  Rose Quartz, with its gentle pink essence, is a stone of the heart, a Crystal of Unconditional Love.  It carries a soft fiminine energy of compassion and peace, tenderness and healing, nourishment and comfort. …allowing the person wearing it the capacity to truly give and receive love from others.

GIVE THAT SPECIAL AUGUSTS BIRTHDAY GAL A GIFT OF BEAUTY INSIDE AND OUT!!    On Sale Now – 25% Off.  Sale expires 8/5/19.  Click Here to purchase:






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One-Size-Fits-All Pearl Rings

Just In! Fun Rings!

These wrap-around pearl rings are so pretty! Each ring has a semi-precious stone in the middle. When you place the ring on your finger, the ring will size itself to that finger. Pearls are cultured, freshwater white seed pearls. They come in three different sets. They’re so inexpensive, you’ll want to get them all!